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Any 14 - 18 year old members who wish to help out in a group section (Beaver Colony, Cub Pack or Scout Troop) must be a member of the Y.L.U. and complete module A of the YL training within three months of starting work in a group.

Prospective YLs must complete and return a YL Applicaton Form before they start working with a group.

Young Leader Training

Training consists of a number of module. All Young Leaders must be a member of the Y.L.U. and must attend Module A ("Ready for Take off!") within three months of starting to work with a group section.
Young Leaders obtain the "Y.L." Uniform badge having attended module A and completing the associated project.

Training modules will be run throughout the year when there are YLs requiring training. Module A will run more frequently than the other modules. (Refer to the County Calendar for training dates).
Some training courses will be a single module and run on an evening whilst at other times we will run a number of modules as part of a YLU camp.

Note: YLs working with the Scout Section must be at least 15 years old and are not permitted to work with the Scout Troop where they were a Scout without a break of at least six months.

As part of the their training programme, all Y.L.s are expected to complete projects for some modules.

For those module that do not have associated projects "certificates of attendance" will be issued to participants shortly after the course and for those module with projects, "certificates of successful completion" will be issued to those Y.L.s who complete their projects.

In addition to the Y.L. badge which is awarded on completion of Module A, stripes for the Y.L. badge are awarded on the completion of each Annual Mission and a Y.L. belt awarded on successful completion of all modules.

At each full YLU meeting there will be opportunity to ask questions about any aspect of being a YL and the training modules.

Extracts from "Colony Programmes", "Pack Programmes", "Troop Programmes"
that Y.L.s may need for their training projects

From Colony Programmes From Pack Programmes From Troop Programmes
Page 57 Page 33 Page 69
Page 83 Pages 53-55 Page 73
Page 114 Page 33 Page 77
  Page 105  

All Y.L.s should borrow the full books from the group where they are a YL.


Programme Zones Chart Young People First
(Y.L.s Orange Card)
Beaver Colony Balanced Programme Checker Beaver Colony Programme Checker
Cub Pack Balanced Programme Checker Cub Pack Programme Checker
Scout Troop Balanced Programme Checker Scout Troop Programme Checker
(Explorer Unit Balanced Programme Checker) (Explorer Unit Programme Checker)


Files you will need as part of the training days:

Modules B, C, E Modules D, F, I Modules G, H, J
Moving On

Y.L.s working in the Cub Section are encouraged to have a copy of the "Cub Power Pack", similarly those working in the Scout Section should have a copy of "Scout Matrix"

Help for Young Leaders

Y.L.s should talk to the Scouters in the section where they are working or their Young Leader Trainer.
However if you wish to talk to someone else you can contact Jim (Redcar & Eston E.S.L.(Y.L.) and District Training Manager).

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