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Summer Camp in Holland
22nd July - 6th August 2006

Monday 17th July

We met in Brompton to pack the bags into the trailor, - Why do you need a second big bag Chris?. The bags packed with the mess kit in the trailer and with the tents and overnight bags in the cars we were ready to meet on Saturday 22nd and head off to the ferry.

Saturday 22nd July

Day one: We assembled in Brompton at 13:15, said our "goodbyes" and set off to Tyneside for the ferry to IJmuiden. Everyone enjoyed Diner on Board and the Explorers head off to the on-board cinema.

Sunday 23rd July

The day started with a buffet breakfast on the ferry, (all you can eat is not a challenge Simon), and we made our way to Vlaadigen where we had a picnic lunch in the park. We walked from the park to the Willem de Zwijgergroep Scout Hut at Vlaardigen Scout Centre where we made camp.

Monday 24th July

Our first full day in Vlaardigen, we built a large table and benches from pionnering poles. Once it cooled down in the afternoon we explored the local to the site by having a treasure hunt.

Tuesday 25th July

We started the day with a walk round Broekenpolder. The afternoon was spent on site doing map work to avoid the sun and the evening spend playing wide games.

Wednesday 26th July

Straight after breakfast we drove to Arnhem to see the war graves. The scale of the the whole thing was overwhelming to most of the Unit. As we were leaving we met a Scout Troop from Bristol. After lunch we went in the town of Arnhem to see the "Bridge too Far", the John Frost Bridge.
As the air temperature had soared to 40 C, we rested and then had another late meal when it was a little cooler.

Thursday 27th July

We rented bikes and spent time exploring Vlaardigen and the local area. On return to camp we spent €233 in the Scoutshop. Ooops!

Friday 28th July

We set off early and went to Alkmaar to see the open air Traditional Cheese Market and to explorer the town. (Yes Chris we have driven two hours to see cheese).
On return to Vlaardigen one Patrol went into town for drinks and Apple pie! The other got lost, we're very sorry Andrew.

Saturday 29th July

We spent most of the day at the lake near the Scoutcentre and then played games in the evening. Ian felt homesick as there was a big chemical plant nearby and the water was greenish.

Sunday 30th July

We started the day with flag break and Scout's own and then dismantled the pioneering so we could start in new project, a bigger table. It rained in the afternoon but the pioneering was able to continue after tea.

Monday 31st July
Dixy's Birthday!

We went to Amsterdam where we visited Anne Frank's house and a clog makers. We found a Richard Hammond look-a-like and a giant clog, but only one. If anyone sees a giant with one leg, please call crimestoppers on...

Tuesday 1st August

We visited Delft, a small market town close to our campsite. The leaders climbed to the top of the bell tower but the Explorers decided they would rather stand in the rain.

Wednesday 2nd August

It rained again...a lot. So we went to the beach. We visited the Maeslant Barrier (flood barrier) at the Hook of Holland, after which we headed into the town to go shopping, or climb into a small plastic boat in Will's case. Then we went to the beach in the rain and wind. Ian and Katie braved the sea, Charles went sunbathing and the rest of us built a sandcastle.

Thursday 3rd August

In a change to our planned schedule we decided to do some activities at the Hoek van Holland. One again it rained as the Heavens opened - waved to Noah on the arch!. We stated on the beach building sandcastles as the museum was not open. After lunch we went to visit the fort of Hoek van Holland. Adam was disappointed and sulked as there was not an opportunity to sit on a cannon.
After tea we dismantled the pioneering.

Friday 4th August

Cleared camp after breakfast, packed as much as possible into the trailer and then went into Vlaardingen after lunch. On our return the tents had dried so we packed them away. Our last night was spent in the hut.

Saturday 5th August

Cleaned the hut and had an early lunch before seting off to Imujden to get the ferry. We had an excellent meal on board and went to bed.

Sunday 6th August

We had breakfast on board and spent some time on the outside deck as we sailed up the coast from Redcar to the Tyne.
On arrival the car with the trailer as soon off the ferry and we headed home. Andrew's part of the party got off some time later and joined us in Brompton just as we had finished the unpacking!

We are most thankful to the Jaap, Groep Captain (G.S.L.) of the Willem de Zwijgergroep for allowing us to use their hut and for all the help he and their other leader gave us whilst we were staying at their hut.

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