Northallerton District
Explorer Scouts

24 Hour Famine
17th - 18th March 2006

Members of the Unit were joined by Brompton Ecumenical Youth Fellowship (BEYF) for this 24-hour sponsored famine to rain money for World Vision's Sierra Leone Project.

We started with a bowling and then headed back to the Scout hut where we watched a short film about the problems in Sierra Leone. Rev Michael Snowball from St Thomas' Church in Brompton soke briefly about what we were doing and we settled down to wath a film before retiring to bed.

Saturday morning everyone was up by 08:00 and we were joined by the younger members of BEYF who wer just ding a 12 hour famine it was and time for breakfast of just coffee, tea and water!

09:00 Flag break and a few thought about the lack of "mains services" in Sierra Leone. We then had a mile walk to collect a bottle of water each to drink throughout the day. Whilst on the walk we also thought about how many places we saw that provide us with a service. e.g. The Doctors, Fish and chip shop, County Hall, the station etc.

We played games and them has presention from New Life Baptist Church about their project in Ghana. This was followed by the "Paper bag" game. Just how many paper bags can you make in ten minutes? Could YOU make a living by making paper bags?

Lunch time and time for another drink and more games and time for home work and watching another film and for the Explorers to start cooking the meal for the end of the famine.

Next question for everyone: Your home has been destroyed, how would you provide shelter for your family?

We looked at some disaterers a little closer to home and then in groups of five went shopping with just 1 to buy a meal for the group.

The final session was a look at how the world economy works through a game with the teams representing the various catogaries of country each with different quantaties of resources available to them to use.

Rev Rachel Parkinson from Brompton Methodist Church, ended the 24 hours with a summing up of what we had done and why we had done it.
We were then joined by families and friends for a meal.


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